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This Party is supported and maintained by volunteer activities. We are growing and changing because of the energy and efforts of our members, and the special qualities that each person brings to the Party. Each is welcomed for their unique contributions. We therefore recognize that volunteers have strengths that may fit a special niche. It is worth the effort to investigate for yourself the best fit for time and skills within the Party. There has never been a better time to volunteer than now. One of the benefits of joining the party is that we believe in grassroots policy development. As a member you will have the opportunity to be part of developing policies that will help reform and direct government. This is your chance to put your skills, knowledge and understanding to work building a strong British Columbia. To join, access an online membership form. For more information, or to volunteer for work in your constituency, email us at or contact Lyne England at 250-658-8593. To reach the members of the Executive, see Meet the Team , or visit our Contact Page.



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