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Graeme Rodger was born 1957 in Dundee, Scotland to Scottish and Polish parents. After moving to Montreal at age 6, he went on to major in Printing Technology and then moved to Victoria. Photo Graeme RodgerIn 1981 he opened his own business and has been self-employed in both the printing and the construction industries since. Politically he was active in the now defunct Social Credit Party of British Columbia - serving in positions from a card card-carrying member to Executive Director for Southern Vancouver Island.

This varied background allows Rodger to bring a well-rounded viewpoint to DR BC. He is outspoken about the problems facing families today and is extremely concerned about the effects drugs and crime are having on young families. He is pro-BC, believing that BC can be a strong, vibrant province with the right leadership.

He is not afraid to put BC interests up front. He believes that people should stand up and protect what makes the place they call home. He is proud to call British Columbia his home and will lead the Democratic Reform of British Columbia in making BC the place where everyone would feel proud to call home.

Currently he is living in Langford, is married with 2 children and owns a contracting company.

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