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The purposes of DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC are to operate as a political party within the Province of British Columbia, to be an open and effective advocate of human rights and enhanced democracy, fair justice and human liberty, and to promote these purposes through peaceful and democratic means.


DEMOCRATIC-REFORM BC believes that too often British Columbia has been divided by extreme ideologies, and that the Province deserves an inclusive participatory democracy devoted to achieving peace, balance and prosperity. Members pledge to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws, Mission Statement and Objective of DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC, and to adhere to the following principles.


1. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes that the distinguishing marks of good government are consultation, accommodation, and respect for all opinion. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of choice, freedom of religion and the freedom of all people to express their thoughts without fear of intimidation or suppression.

2. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC supports fundamental reform of the electoral process that will create and maintain a Legislature based on enhanced proportionality, voter choice and a representative relationship between the elector and the MLA.

3. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes in the common sense of the common people and in government that reflects the will of the people. We maintain that the first responsibility of Members of the Legislative Assembly and candidates for office is to represent their constituents, that free votes in the Legislature are essential for true democracy, that fixed election dates should be retained, and that MLAs should be accountable to the people through meaningful recall, initiative and referenda legislation.

4. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes that governments and party members, should uphold the values of fairness and equality as expressed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and honour the Treaties and International Conventions to which Canada is a signatory, bearing in mind the best interests of British Columbia,

5. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes that in the interest mutual respect, First Nations should be represented in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly and in the Government of Canada. A DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC government will create First Nations constituencies in order to ensure that First Nations concerns are addressed in the Legislature. Representation should be in proportion to the percentage of First Nations' citizens within the general population.

6. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC supports an Elected Senate with tenure until age 75, that has Equal Representation from each Province and which is Effective in its constitutional duty to safeguard regional interests.

7. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC asserts that government's task is to serve the general interest, and is neither a business, nor a means for a select few to wield power. Instead, it is a service organization, the sole purpose of which is to facilitate the betterment of its citizens.

8. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes that we must respect the right of individuals and families to live according their values and beliefs while observing the laws of Canada. We believe that support for the inherent worth the family unit and the community are the foundations for the well being of the province and the nation, that the wealth of the country should, as much as possible, remain with the people, that the economy is strong when family finances are strong, and the community is strong when local people have control over and benefit from community resources.

9. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes in respect for all person's property rights, and, consistent with this belief, acknowledges Aboriginal Rights and Title. A DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC government will be devoted to bringing certainty and openness to Treaty negotiations with First Nations and with the Government of Canada. Government-to-government negotiations should be conducted on mutually agreed-upon principles.

10. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC is an advocate of responsible fiscal management, characterized by transparent methods of accounting which are comprehensible to the general populace, long term planning that provides for debt retirement and protection of Crown assets.

11. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC will strive to create an entrepreneurial climate in which the freedom to exercise talent, creativity and motivation are encouraged and the virtues of hard work and achievement are rewarded. We also acknowledge that freedom must be tempered by personal and collective responsibility.

12. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes that real prosperity can only occur in a social environment characterized by compassion, equality of opportunity, fair labour practices, timely and effective health care, and access to education that strengthens each student's ability to lead a full and gratifying life.

13. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC strongly supports and will effectively fund the independent offices of the Ombudsman, the Auditor General, Freedom of Information and Human Rights.

14. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC believes that public investment in Crown Corporations, public hospitals, highways, and municipal infrastructure help to create the stable circumstances in which commerce can flourish, and that all such investments should give priority to the long term needs of British Columbia.

15. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC holds that the stewardship of the environment should be managed responsibly, no part being used in isolation without first considering the ramifications to the ecosystem within which it resides.

16. DEMOCRATIC REFORM BC supports reform to the administration of justice, including adequately funded legal aid, early intervention, protection for the victims of crime, and the creation of a system accountable to the common values of society and the supremacy of the Legislature.

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